Why do we need JOINOLOG in Jordan?  

In a country like Jordan, logistics plays a vital role. The logistics and transportation sector accounts for over 8.2% of the GDP and is expected to grow in demand from 5% to 6% by 20301. An innovation center can be a supporting factor in achieving and maintaining these KPIs in a more sustainable and efficient way. The logistics sector in Jordan can be described as business-friendly, with 325 licensed transportation and logistics companies operating in Jordan in 20182

There is a massive space for improvement in the field of logistics in a country like Jordan, where logistics can become a main leading industry. The overall objective of the project JOINOLOG is the conception of an innovation center for logistics that will be the first of its kind in this field in Jordan, which will support the vision of improving the overall quality and system of logistics.

JOINOLOG has many aspects that can support the landscape of logistics and supply chain in Jordan, one of the important offerings that JOINOLOG can provide is to create a network that will link together all vital players and will serve a wide range of beneficiaries to promote research conditions, innovation transfer and governance structures.  

To achieve the previously mentioned goals, JOINOLOG has already been in contact with multiple parties who are active in the logistics field. Such as the Jordan Logistics Network (JLN), future collaboration will focus on logistics related seminars and activities. Or HELP Logistics, with whom a productive cooperation on humanitarian logistics can be achieved. These examples stand for many other stakeholders who have shown interest in JOINOLOG and its mission. 

The focus is on collaboration through joint research projects, training and events, exchange of content and promotion of innovation in logistics. The center’s orientation will be vital to its sustainability, thus offering a platform for sustainable collaboration among logistical stakeholders.  

Therefore, another important aspect of the creation of JOINOLOG is that it can support in developing new opportunities through the cross-sectoral communication and interaction created through its platform and beneficiaries.  

JOINOLOG will additionally serve as a supporting pillar for university students, business professionals and members to propose related research topics to be considered for further research development under the umbrella of JOINOLOG. Through this participatory approach, the research of the center’s projects will always stay close to real needs the industry and society perceives. 

One other, but particularly dominant aspect of JOINOLOG is that it offers clustering opportunities. This point especially has multiple advantages that can be reflected on the Jordanian landscape. The first advantage is that through clustering, knowledge will increase, which will benefit all related parties. Seemingly unrelated organizations will be able to collaborate through their shared interest in scientific solutions to logistical challenges. Also, through clustering innovation transfer will be done more efficiently.  

Jordan can sustainably benefit from investing in an innovation center like JOINOLOG, especially with the considerable growth in the transportation and logistics sector. Jordan’s geographical location makes it a focal point for the MENA region, demonstrating the need for coordinated logistical efforts. 

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