JOINOLOG Survey Results: Different Output Groups – Different Outlook

The goal of JOINOLOG is the coordination of logistical stakeholders. With JOINOLOG’s support, they are encouraged to conduct projects together. The output of these projects was the topic of JOINOLOG’s first survey: What should the logistical project partners aim for? What is needed and, equally important, what is doable in a limited framework of temporary cooperation?

To answer these questions, the first survey by the JOINOLOG project was conducted. Professionals in the logistical field were presented with the collected possible project outputs. They were asked to rate the item’s value of the logistical sector in Jordan and the feasibility of the output by collaboration among stakeholders.

Four groups of possible output are distinguished:

Innovation as Output – Improvements in logistical products or processes

Trainings as Output – Transfer of skills and knowledge between logistics business and academia

Scientific Output – Academic discussion of and solutions to practical challenges

Start-Ups as Output – Fresh businesses aimed towards logistics in Jordan

The matrix below shows the survey’s results in respect to the four groups:

All output proposals were rated on average above the score of 7, no proposed outputs were considered not valuable or not feasible.

JOINOLOG Survey Results: Average Feasibility and Value of Outputs

Apparently, outputs in each group were always considered of similar values to each other. The best ratings were given to the trainings that could be conducted throughJOINOLOG, close second would be the innovations the projects could achieve.

Both scientific output and start-ups as output were considered slightly less valuable and feasible. This could be due to the survey’s audience, consisting of mostly business focused logistical experts on LinkedIn. Trainings and innovation will most likely be of more value to this demographic.

These results will help the JOINOLOG project to present future cooperations with appropriate project goals, which they can achieve and will be of value to the logistical landscape of Jordan.

The project team thanks all participants for taking part in the survey!

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