JOINOLOG – Seminar Series 

Idea and Vision 

JOINOLOG’s main objective is the creation of a seamless network of logistics stakeholders in Jordan. By connecting all vital players in the field, the project seeks to promote research conditions and innovation transfer. One of the key steps that will help realize this project concept is the seminar series that recently took off under the umbrella of JOINOLOG. 

The event series is aimed towards all actors of logistics in Jordan, with its principal goal being the connection of these groups and the exchange of current ideas and trends. 

To this end, JOINOLOG invites two logistics experts per seminar edition. With a given umbrella term, they present current hot topics of their sector. The event includes two speakers from different backgrounds to reflect differing points of view and wider expertise. The first speaker is from Jordan, while the other is an international speaker. 

JOINOLOG’s vision of collaboration in the logistic sector is realized by the interactive form of the event: The ensuing discussion on the given topics brings fruitful results and encourages networking between actors, which otherwise might not have interacted. By bringing them together, JOINOLOG aims to discover similarities and project synergies which can be used by further cooperation of the participants, ultimately strengthening the innovative power of logistics in Jordan. 

Process and Execution 

To prepare the seminar, it is critical to identify an umbrella topic – a theme for the event that both speakers and the audience will be interested in. With this, the team can pick a suitable pool of candidates for the speakers, in both the national and international dimension. A date is set which will consider usual and international business hours. Thereafter, the availability and interest of the speakers is verified. Lastly, the practical and technical preparation begins by identifying a suitable platform, marketing the event, and finalizing the timeframe. One of the project directors moderates the seminar edition and leads the discussion and panel.  

The seminar’s duration is around 70-90 minutes, with the first speaker presenting his part, followed by the second speaker and lastly a Q&A period takes place along with a panel discussion between the presenters and the audience.  

First Edition of JOINOLOG Seminar Series: Digitalization 

The first seminar of the series took place on the 19th of September 2022. The vast topic of “Digitalization in Logistics” was presented by two speakers. Mr. Rafiq Alotti, Country Manager at Hapag-Lloyd AG in Jordan, who talked about Digital Business and Transformation in Logistics”. His presentation emphasized the importance of introducing digital solutions to modern logistical challenges. The second speaker, Mr. Hein Kerstgens, Corporate Representative and Director Board Projects at Rhenus SE & Co. KG, who gave a presentation on Digitalization of a Tri-modal Hinterland Container Network – COLA, the example of Rhenus’. In fascinating case studies of his company, Mr. Kerstgens provided examples from logistical practice, in which the digital transformation is being executed. 

In the seminar, opportunities, benefits, and challenges of the path towards digitalized logistics and the importance of the ongoing transformation towards digitalization were conveyed to an interested audience. The speakers also shed light on current success cases of digitalized companies and captured advantages of digitalization.  

The seminar had a successful takeoff with many logisticians, logistics students and interested people attending and participating in the discussion. Future seminar editions will cover a range of different topics, such as sustainability in supply chains, humanitarian logistics, innovation in logistics and current trends in logistics. 

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