Introducing Members of the Project Advisory Board (PAB)

We are delighted to welcome the following members to the JOINOLOG Advisory Board! This first structural part of the emerging JOINOLOG network regularly meets to decide on strategic issues brought forward by the project team. This way, the PAB forms the center’s aspects since its foundation in May 2021. 

The board consists of four expert professionals working across the breadth of a diverse logistics landscape.  
Each of our four Advisory Board members brings with them a wealth of relevant experience developed at the highest levels of logistics focused organizations.  

 These members are: 

  • Hakam Abul Feilat, representing AQABA Logistics Village (ALV) 

The general manager of Aqaba Logistics Village and an all around professional with over 20 years of experience in logistics, shipping, transport, and warehousing with international and local companies in the region. Mr. Hakam obtains excellent organizational skills with a unique combination of strength in sales and processes, in addition to knowledge and responsibility for Production and Logistics in various fields. 


  • Dr. Mahmoud Abuhussein, representing The Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST) 
Dr. Mahmoud Abuhussein

The Director of the International Cooperation Department at the Higher Council for Science and Technology with more than 7 years of extensive experience in the field of research and technical project research. Dr. Mahmoud has an extensive set of skills in research and development (R&D), technology transfer and Inter-departmental Cooperation.


  • Fares L. Abudayyeh, representing the Ministry of Transport 
Mr. Fares L. Abudayyeh

A highly accomplished freight forwarding and clearance expert with progressive experience in management roles within multiple areas. Mr. Fares has extensive managerial experience in the international freight & logistics business, mainly in Jordan and Middle East. He joins the PAB as current Director of Transport and Trade Facilitation Unit at the Ministry of Transport. 

  • Martin Ohlsen, former Logistics Director of the World Food Programme 
Mr. Martin Ohlsen

An international expert in supply chain management, Mr. Martin has spent much of his professional life leading humanitarian efforts for the UN World Food Program (WFP) across diverse geographies, organizing food assistance in the most challenging of environments, including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq and various Central and West African countries. As a Director at its Rome HQ, he ran the WFP’s worldwide transport & logistics division, and as a Country Director in the Democratic Republic of the Congo he managed a large country program. 

Mr. Martin offers international consultancy services related to the coordination and management of project in the humanitarian context and has a variety of strengths in advisory, consultancy, mentoring & humanitarian supply. 

We at JOINOLOG are thrilled to have such national and international knowledgeable and talented professionals forming our Advisory Board. Their expertise will play a valuable role in guiding JOINOLOG in future success and expansion. 

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