The JOINOLOG center and its network conduct regular events to further exchange between Jordanian logistical stakeholders and academia. Below you can find the latest editions of these activities.

1st Jordanian Conference on Logistics in the Mashreq Region, JCLM1 – 14th & 15th of November

In November of 2023, the first scientific conference by JOINOLOG is being conducted. Academics will present papers on logistics and SCM related topics, all content will be related to Jordan and the Mashreq region. At the same time, logistical stakeholders from practice will participate and discuss their experiences and possible discrepancies with theory. The JOINOLOG team is looking forward to two exciting days, discussing all matters logistics, like sustainability, risk management and other current challenges.

Find more information on our dedicated website section, here.

JOINOLOG Hackathon

Students are a vital resource in JOINOLOG’s mission to promote research and innovation in logistics. They represent both research and innovative ideas. In May of 2023, JOINOLOG teamed up with HELP Logistics Jordan and GJU’s Deanship of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship (DI-TECH), to conduct the first JOINOLOG Hackathon.

Six groups of interdisciplinary students were tasked with the development of solutions – tackeling real live challenges of the humanitarian logistics sector. The respective solution which was deemed most creative and feasible by a Jury of academic theory and humanitarian practice, was rewarded with a cash price. The event took place in GJU’s Innovation Space and kept the students busy for three days. While developing their ideas, they additionally received valuable lessons on topics like acquisition of funding, pitching their ideas and business plan development.

A detailed description of the event can be found here.

JOINOLOG Seminar Series

Born in the Covid-caused time of digital gatherings, the JOINOLOG team organizes informal online seminars on logistical topics. Two experts in the field, either practitioners or academics, present their current work. The seminar audience has the chance to discuss with the expert. These exchanges further the connection between our network and extend the knowledge on logistics and SCM in the community.

A blog on the idea and the first edition of this series can be found here.